01 Feb 2017

Auris Loops Video Testimonial – Bob’s Story

Auris Loops Video Testimonial

What would you do if you lost your hearing overnight? How would your world change? How would you feel? After seeing “Christie’s Story”, Auris Loops reached out to us to film and create a video testimonial with Bob Oldfield in Vernon, BC. In the winter of 2015 Bob came down with a common head cold, that developed an infection which left him almost deaf in one ear overnight. What followed was a journey of doctors and hearing aids and adjusting. As an active member of the theatre, director, music producer and musician, Bob depended on his hearing more than most. We sat down with him as he shared his remarkable experience, and how the Auris Hearing Loop Systems installed at public venues have given him some of his life back. It was a privilege capturing this piece for Auris Loops. We’re big believers in the hearing loop technology and for every story like Bob’s there are 100 more who you never hear!

Auris Loops has installed over 80 hearing loops in Vernon, Kelowna & the Okanagan in 2015-16 alone. Hearing loop testimonials are a huge way for Auris loops to show clients what the system offers in a unique, engaging and INTERESTING way. The technology and facts are useful, however at the end of the day people don’t buy new systems for the tech – They buy them for the service they provide. What better way to sell to clients than to show them the direct impact an Auris Loop hearing system will have in their venue, church or business.



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