Storytelling Capabilities




  • Ideal For: Startups, Non-Profits, For-Profits, Individuals

Before embarking on any kind of verbal/video/written/graphic storytelling, ask yourself, how solid is the storytelling around your organisation as a whole? What is your core messaging? And is everyone in your organisation communicating the same thing? In a Message Strategy engagement, we’ll do a deep dive into your organisation’s story and current communications, with an eye on what’s working best, and uncover opportunities to leverage what makes your mission like no other. Recommended for organisations looking to align across departments or geographies, to consolidate their internal/external messaging, and to create a holistic strategy regardless of the final medium. In our opinion, this is step one.



  • Ideal For: Startups, Non-Profits, For-Profits, Agencies

Got a specific story? Or did one emerge through Brand Alignment? Our team will discern the best perspective from which to tell that story and build the concept with you. Using scientific principles that maximise viral-marketing potential and emotional connection, we’ll construct the concept using our proprietary Storybuilder software, enabling us to collaborate with you every step of the way. You’ll come out with an intuitive story map that can be executed either with our production team or with yours.



  • Ideal For: Non-Profits, Foundations, For-Profits, Industry Associations, Trade Groups

The art of persuasion and emotional connection is relevant whether you’re in sales, marketing, writing your “about” page, pitching a VC, speaking on stage, onboarding a new recruit, or daily emailing, right down to convincing your spouse to tuck away their cell phone at dinner. Tailored Fit offers a variety of storytelling workshops in 2-hour, half-day, and full-day lengths that will give you and your team the basic tools necessary to start telling powerful, emotionally-resonant stories to the world.



  • Ideal For: Non-Profits, Foundations, For-Profits, Agencies

If you’ve got in-house production capabilities, or simply prefer to use a local production company, we’re here to direct the concept through to completion. Especially if we’ve built the story together, you’ll find tremendous efficiencies in having a Tailored Fit director oversee production and post, to ensure that the execution of the story hits all the right notes.



  • Ideal For: Non-Profits, Foundations, For-Profits, Agencies

With award-winning production capabilities, we have everything a world class film production needs. With writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, audio experts and colorists, we have been entrusted with all of the artistic and technical aspects of bringing a film to life.

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Unique Commercial Video Production In Kelowna

Tailored Fit Studios is a video studio focused on video storytelling. Using stories that hook your audience emotionally separates your business, project or company from everyone else out there – and makes your brand look amazing. In particular, we do commercial production here in Kelowna & the Okanagan. We bring the creative ability, technical capacity and digital know how to create marketing and promotional videos for corporate and commercial clients in a wide range of industries, big or small. Our number one goal is to get you results – Video is an investment, and we treat it that way.

Top Quality Digital Video Production

Our exceptional marketing videos are produced with the latest digital video production technology.  Building your brands relevance and keeping you ahead of the curve is one of our core focuses in every project.

We’re entrepreneurs, storytellers, musicians, artists and coffee lovers. We bring high end work at affordable prices. Which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

More Than Just A Videographer In Kelowna

When you hire us you don’t ‘just’ get a videographer because we provide a complete production service in Kelowna. We start with your ideas and concepts and work with you to develop them into a marketing masterpiece, right through the design and filming process to the final video product that can be used across a range of promotional platforms.

Powerful Explainer Video Production Techniques

One of the most incredible ways you can show potential clients everything you have to offer is with an awesome explainer video. Turn leads into customers – We bring the same technical expertise, unique creativity and attention to detail to our explainer video production to produce potent marketing tools for our clients.

Corporate Video Production In Kelowna For Local Businesses

We’re a local business, not a big company. We know what its like to start a business, to search for customers, to juggle 15 different hats! We know you only have so much time and there is NEVER enough time to do everything you’d like to. We also know how video can take your business to the next level in ways you never even dreamed of! Training new employees, qualifying and nurturing new customers, creating hands off, outstanding customer service, and bringing your business to a larger audience. For local corporate video production service in Kelowna, contact us today for a video production consultation to see how we can build you business through video.


The entire world is online. Businesses aren’t limited by storefront locations anymore. Organisations can reach and impact in ways they couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago. Video is the key to unlocking all this potential. We believe video is the greatest investment you can make in your organisation, and we want to show you how. Contact us now to setup a free 10 minute consultation, and we’ll take a look at what video can do for you. We only want your business if it means we can grow yours!

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