02 Sep 2017
Video marketing how to article for colleges and universities.

Massage Therapy College Program Video Marketing

Video marketing for Colleges & Universities is a big deal.

In fact, marketing colleges has never been more important or competitive. Why? Because with an increasingly global world, students have choices. Its no longer a matter of just going to the college in your home town – or for the serious traveller, the town next to that. Graduating students are now considering college and university out of state, out of country, and oftentimes out of continent!

Its no longer about just competing for new students with the other college programs in your backyard. You’ve got to stand above the crowd and be heard amidst the noise of schools throughout the state, province, country and world.


But there is good news too.


The truth is that the same way students in your hometown are looking at other schools outside of state, there are students outside your state or province who very well might be your next enrolment. Never before has there been such a huge opportunity when it comes to college marketing.

So the key is figuring out how to stand out from all the other options. And for this goal, video is a home run.


Video has been around and easily accessible for the last 20 years, yet for some reason colleges and universities are among the LAST to truly take advantage of this tool in a significant way.


Yes – many schools, colleges and universities have a couple hastily produced or dated videos on their websites, but few have content that is relevant, engaging and APPEALING to prospective students.


We live in an age of media


Especially generations X-Z. Students watch 2 hours of videos per day (Based on national averages) They’re used to amazing content at their fingertips. And when your college or university presents them with an old or cheesy video of sub-par standards, they’re not impressed. But the BEAUTY is that so few schools, universities and colleges are using video marketing well. This means if you take your video marketing for college to the next level, you’ll be one of the few who gets INCREDIBLE results.

We were approached by the OVCMT (Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy) with a desire for just that. To stand out, create a fresh brand, and build their college through effective video marketing. Over the course of 1 day we filmed students in action, and interviewed students and teachers about the programs features and their experience. We then took our footage to the studio and created a 3 minute promotional video FULL of real student stories, raving about the program. OVCMT has now placed this video at the center of their marketing for prospective students, incorporating it into their website & social media. They’ve gone one step further: by forwarding it to counsellors and high school job fairs / career days, students have a chance to hear directly from OTHER STUDENTS how incredible the program is. WOW.

Give this a try…


Lets just say you’re trying to decide which college to attend, and in the midst of your google search you come across to websites. The first is a college or university website with text talking about how great their programs are… Pretty standard. The second is a website with a big video front and centre instead of a page full of text. Its 3 minutes of visual insight, and gives you the chance to hear 10 different students raving about the program.

Which would you find more convincing?

We’ll let you be the judge – Enjoy!



Video marketing for colleges and universities has the edge.

When it comes to marketing a massage college – or marketing any college or university program, video has the edge. Nothing lets you get personal the way video does, and really gives you a sense of what a program is like beyond the features on paper. We’re working with OVCMT to produce several more videos on student life, common questions and life off campus for prospective “destination students”.

What do you think about using video for your college program or university promotion? Leave us a note in the comments!



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