03 Oct 2016

Hillsong Kids Bring It Challenge

Every year Hillsong Kids adds the BRING IT Challenge to their weekly program. The focus is on bringing friends to grow the reach of the program, and in learning and memorising key ideas from each lesson in return for points. Kids can then complete activities each week for points towards cool prizes. Definitely a great motivator to grow a kids program! Because Hillsong Kids takes place at locations throughout Australia and globally around the world, keeping quality high and consistent across multiple campuses is a key target. We filmed Nathan & Kieran on green screen to create a video intro / explanation of the challenge that could be played at every campus.

Video is an incredible tool for multiplying labour. A 30 minute video lesson might take anywhere from 4-10 hours to film and edit, however that lesson can then be played HUNDREDS of times over. It means you can plan the BEST lesson, using the BEST speaker, and have a high quality presentation that you can count on to bring results over and over again – exactly the same every time.


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