16 Jan 2017
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Insurance Marketing – Johnston Meier Insurance 2017 Marketing Campaign

Marketing an Insurance Company

Johnston Meier’s 2017 Insurance Marketing – Commercial Campaign

2017 is a new year and with it comes fresh new branding and vision for Okanagan businesses everywhere. We love working with Johnston Meier Insurance, and had a great time creating their 2015-16 Okanagan TV Commercials Campaign. They’re a great company made up of amazing people (The foundation of ANY great company!)

Sometimes when it comes to video marketing or just plain marketing, coming up with a concept for your business can be a challenge. Especially when you have lots of other businesses offering the same service, or when your service is essentially the same as the company down the street. That’s when its less about the product, and more about the people behind it. Your company might even sell the exact same product as another business, but if you can place the focus on your people and let your customers know you’re not just another business trying to make a buck, but you genuinely care about them, that’s when you see powerful results.

The Goal & The Strategy

Johnston Meier is an insurance brokerage. That means they sell insurance policies from other companies, much the same as a mortgage broker sells mortgages from other financers. Essentially the insurance policies they can offer might sometimes be the exact same as another insurance broker in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton or the Lower Mainland. So how do we market an insurance broker or an company? And why should a customer go with Johnston Meier?

Great questions. And answering those questions was the focus of our ad campaign development.

Creating a great looking video isn’t enough. You can spend $10,000-$150,000 on a single commercial quite easily (Although we frequently work with businesses to produce commercials for less) But the truth is, no matter how much or little you spend on video marketing or ANY kind of marketing, its all irrelevant if it doesn’t see results. And results come from asking good questions. As you’re creating a marketing plan, you have to ask yourself one key question: “What is the result I want from this?” The more defined and detailed your answer, the more likely you will see fruit from your investment. We spend 60-70% of our time on each project identifying that answer, then developing a clear plan of how we will execute it so that we don’t just make a great video, but we see real results.

During this process we worked with Johnston Meier to find the result they were after and craft an approach tailored to that. Insurance marketing is tricky. We realised that marketing an insurance broker or insurance company can’t be about services, because they’re so similar. What separates a great insurance company – like all companies – is the people behind it. So we wanted to place the focus on people, family and relationship. One of the biggest concerns people have with insurance companies is that they have developed a stigma of being cold, heartless, and all about the bottom line. So we had one goal in designing our ads: Show people that Johnston Meier cares about them and their journey.

And so our commercial campaign “Life is a Journey” was born.

We hope these commercials give you encouragement that no matter your business, service or product, you can find a way to differentiate yourself and see real marketing results by identifying a clear outcome and coming up with a results focused plan. We’d love to work with you to create one! Contact us today to set up a free consultation.




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