03 Jan 2017

Kids Animated Bible Stories

Hillsong Kids uses weekly video curriculum in their programs to bring the bible to life. We’re big believers that no matter your personal view, the principles of love, generosity, faith and moral character taught in the bible are hugely positive things to learn. We were asked to produce these animated bible stories using a timelapse of Brian, a talented local artist and volunteer who sets stories to picture. The beauty of doing more than one video at a time is that we are able to massively cut down on production time, set design and overall cost by increasing our efficiency. The entire 3 series shoot took about 3 hours, and then we hit the studio to edit and put it all together.

Ask any education expert, storytelling is probably the most effective way of teaching and communicating there is. As humans we all feel the need for story. Just looking at the massive amount of television and movies and youtube videos that are viewed every single day by people around the world – all with a hunger for connecting through story. Does your message, brand or project have a lot of features or information to communicate? Setting these features or information in the context of an engaging visual story will draw customers in (rather than bore them to tears!) They’ll also be far more likely to connect emotionally with your message, and much more likely to take action.

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Part i

Part ii

Part iii


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