02 Jan 2017

Vernon Alliance Church Video Series – God In Suffering

God In Suffering

Vernon Alliance Church Video Series

Vernon Alliance Church planned a sermon series called “The Voice” – Does God speak to people personally? And if so, wow do we hear His voice in the midst of life’s hardest seasons? “Christie’s story” tells the journey of Christie Mayguard – An incredible woman in her late 20’s who was diagnosed with terminal cancer just a year after marrying the love of her life. The journey of her faith and challenges she met in the final months of her life were harder than most of us can imagine – and yet she faced it so bravely and held on to her faith in Jesus through it all.

It was a deeply honouring and touching experience to hear and retell Christie’s story through film. and hopefully through the retelling of her journey, to bring encouragement and purpose to those who are hurting, broken and searching for answers.

The story was broken up in 3 parts, playing as the opener to a different talk each week about faith and God’s voice.


Part i

Part ii

Part iii


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